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Updating Your Dating Profile Over Time: How To Make Your Hinge, Bumble Profiles Better

These bios are what I can aspirational and borderline ‘The Most Interesting (Wo)Man” approach. They shouldn’t be written for yourself but should be written for who you are trying to attract.

Bios that are too strong, forward or trying to convince you this person is perfectly content being alone are usually a red flag for me i.e. “I am a great catch!”. There is a fine line of being comfortable in your own skin and being narcissistic.

Conversely, bios that lack energy, details, enthusiasm can be seen as dull, depressing or thoughtless. If you have a hard time writing about yourself, people will extrapolate that and assume you are like that in other aspects of your life.

With this insight, you are now muddy matches visitors ready to overhaul your online dating profile and can effectively reveal things about yourself more so than any list of adjectives can. With that said, be sure to limit these stories and do not write an endless novel about yourself – leave something up to the imagination and keep the stories short and sweet.

Like a resume, your dating profile is a living, breathing profile and reflection of yourself. You should always be updating it, getting feedback, getting new photos and adding details when possible.

Review the dating apps, check for new prompts that better suit your personality, lifestyle. Scour the internet (social media, friends, photos from social events and meetups) to see if there are new photos or photos you did not know about.

Add details, captions, conversation starters. Make sure to verify profiles and fill out the necessary fields. Sounding too vague can make you seem like you are hiding something, i.e. identity, unemployment. etc.

Most Cliche Bios, Phrases and Photos on Dating Apps Likes Hinge, Bumble

Use cliche words, phrases and photos is never a good idea. It is hard to separate yourself from the competition with empty adjectives and claims that cannot be verified from a biased source – you or your friends. Avoid using such language used in this bingo card.

Style Your Dating Profile, How To Dress Up Your Dating Profile, What To Wear For Dating Profiles

For tips on what to wear for your dating profile pictures, check out this in-depth post including first date outfit ideas. What you wear and the people you surround yourself with will signal things to others that view your profile. Dress to impress and dress for the person you want to attract.

Hinge Profile Tips: How To Add Captions To Hinge Photos

There are many mistakes people make on dating profiles, and one of them is a lack of effort and conversation starters in Hinge profiles.

To avoid this, add some detail in your Hinge photos by adding captions to the photos. Most people don’t know it exists, don’t know how to add captions, or don’t know what to say.

Go to edit profile, edit photos and click the three lines in the upper left corner of the photo. From there, the option to add location or description will appear. Listing something obvious like me at the park is rather boring and rather uninsightful (No shit Sherlock).

Adding a feeling, thought, reflection or interesting juxtaposition to the environment or setting can highlight your creative flair and ability to engage in witty banter.

Bumble Profile Tips: What Should I Put On A Bumble Profile?

There are a lot of empty profiles on Bumble and as a result, they get overlooked either through the filters or through quick glances by others.

An incomplete profile whether it’s no bio, lazy bio or lack of fields filled out can offset your great photos. People might think you are narcissistic, shallow, lazy or not looking for anything serious.